The Yetunde Bernard Company

Re-inventing a captivating online presence for The Identity Coach.

About the Company.

An organization set up specifically to work with individuals and business owners that desire to harness their distinct message, craft and refine their messaging and project it for maximum influence and impact globally.

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Working closely with the client, we came up with a new design strategy that would appeal better to the visitors, while the contents were to take the center stage in an informative way that would engage users easily, combined with an elegant user interface.

Starting off

Creating a design that passes on a good impression to our client’s audience. The color pantone is Royal Purple and Gold.

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A content-aware, user-oriented design

Taking into consideration that details shapes the brand, we focus on two key principles - creating a design that ensures the prominiency of the content, while leveraging on other design elements such as images and whitespaces - delivering a streamlined website structure that engages audiences with smooth workflows and an easy way to contact the company.

The Yetunde Bernard Company - NativeBrands Digital Agency

Quality. Precision. Balance.

Our client needed a website that can reflect its values to people of different calibres in life, while still retaining its class and professionalism.

Having devised creative strategies and an evolution of their brand that would better serve their targeted audiences and bring their ideas to life through digital designs.

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At the end, we ensured that all goals are met, a well crafted website ensuring every design and implementation decision fit the brand message and purpose.

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