The Agric&Culture Company

Exploring Our Agricultural Systems and Their Relationship With Our Cultural And Human Values.

Simple. Minimal. Clean.

The Agric&Culture Company is an Agricultural startup that approached us in need of a digital presence that could more effectively serve their audience and potential customers better. One that would help them connect with people easily.

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So we began

Instilling the Brand's Ethos.

True colours shows in black and white. The company has a culture of uncompromised simplicity, as it portrays their openess and values they hold dear.

Less contents, more impressions.

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The Branding

Inspired by simplicity and careful attention to details. We created branded design with minimal approaches.

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And a minimal website

Faced with the challenge of balancing less content and images together.
We set out to deliver a responsive website with considered simplicity and quality user experience.

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Optimized on all devices

The balance of design and performance is a key element of the the company. We ensured that the online experience is mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

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The Outcome

The project was an amazing and engaging one. The outcome provides a deep insight into their philosophies and values. It is also communicating the standard of what one can expect from The Agric&Culture Company.

Thank you.

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