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The Background.

DeepRoche is a company that delivers innovative Residential Landscape Design & Build, stunning Interior Architecture & Design, flawless Water Proofing Solutions, and dynamic Flooring Systems.

Shaping values by creating solutions that connects with the need which will inevitable contribute to future growth

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The brief was simple and straightforward - to create sophisticated website that offers outstanding user experiences across the board, that would reflect their reputable high-end brand and promote their services.

First Thought.

Our aim was to encourage a simple journey that immerses users in the brand story as they browse through the pages. This would mean adopting an architectural design principles for the website's look and feel.

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Delivering this desired experience posed interesting technical challenges. A key aspect of the design was to start with simple page prototype and wireframes sketches.

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The Landing Page.

As with any modern digital approach, user experience across all devices would be fundamental to the company's success. The client wants a unique and amazing impression as a landing page, which inspires the animated intro into the website.


Through carefully considered interactions and a refined aesthetic, site visitors immediately get a sense of the authenticity and high-end quality of DeepRoche's professional services.

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